jennifer 5.jpg

I was jumping around among a bunch of tools tonight, but the watercolors came out best. I feel like I've been in a flat place for the last several weeks.

jennifer 7b.jpg

The academic study part, which is what I signed up for, no longer holds much interest for me–not that I've achieved anything in particular; there are several in the group who are better at that than I'll ever be. It's more that "getting it right" is not all that fulfilling.

jennifer 6.jpg

But I haven't found a way of working that really expresses what I want to say about interacting with this nude figure...I can't even articulate what it is I want to say. Well, except the usual Oh my god it's a barenaked lady! But that's generally the first 15 seconds of the session, and then what? Somebody slap me and tell me to just get on with it.