Don't it make you want to pack your backs and head for Norfolk this very minute? Hey, and there's hundreds more where these guys came from. Way too many, matter of fact. You could take a few home with you as souvenirs. There's a lot of trudging going on early in the morning downtown. I didn't see a single face that wasn't closed down. And we're supposed to be the most affluent country, with the most leisure time, etc. Where's all the happy faces? Where's the jumping-up-and-clicking-heels behavior? Gee, do ya think we might have gotten it wrong?

The ice has been broke! Our first Illustrated Poem entry has been posted. Thanks, KJ! See that link over on the right called "Illustrated Poem Marathoners"? Click it. Click it now.

"Pack your backs"? I wrote "pack your backs"! Jeez. I undermine my superior attitude at every turn. I sense the hand of a higher power in this.