I think it's time to share some of the wisdom I've gleaned over the last 89 years of being a drawer. I'm always gleaning stuff, but wisdom is one of the few things I glean that you'd have any interest in. Let's face it, I'm a gleaner. And gleaning is hard work. But I'm going to stay the course. I'm not going to cut and run just because gleaning isn't fashionable among the Hollywood crowd or the Democrat Party. Speaking of being a drawer, though, last year I drew a pair of socks and put them on my blog. If I had thought of it at the time, I could have called myself a Sock Drawer. But it's way too late now for that to have any impact at all. Story of my life. Well, not the whole story. Just a little part of the story. There's a whole bunch of stuff about food and laughing and crying and shit too. But that's neither here nor there.