Mainstream hidebound dinosaur scientists will claim there are nowhere near this many new planets, but the onus is on them to prove me wrong. There's one of those words, onus, that are tainted by their proximity to, well, you know. I like words like that. They're kind of dangerous by proxy, like "Did I just hear---?" But they really mean ordinary things. Kind of like one of these nerdy guys who like to dress up like cops and stop people for traffic violations. During the Labor Day Riots in Virginia Beach a few years back, there ended up being just one arrest, and it turned out to be by one of these guys. Have I mentioned that I believe Virginia Beach and Chesapeake are Satan's Territory? In a "banality of evil" kind of way. They lull you into thinking they're all about golf and lawn care and cosmetic surgery, and then BAM! they've got your soul. Just go to one of those places and look around. You'll see. I defy a scientist to prove me wrong.