mistakes 2.jpg

Missed my figure drawing group last night. A bit under the weather, med-wise. This new triglyceride medication has evidently transmuted into a red-hot ball of lead under my sternum. Zantac? Ha! It laughs at Zantac. I can feel the Zantac vaporizing as it approaches le petit sol. Nothing gets by the demon ball. Needless to say, I'm not sleeping well. Thank God I can sleep during the day while pretending to gaze intently at my computer screen. The ability to sleep with your eyes open is a true gift in this world of meetings, Starbucks, Chesapeake & Virginia Beach, and people in suits. It's like we're a nation of Manchurian candidates who are being ordered not to kill but to consume. I guess we're all tainted to a degree by this mass-consumption model we're living under, but the most interesting people seem to be the ones who are participating to the smallest degree possible. Or who have been knocked off the hamster wheel entirely. How'd I get over here? I was talking about the musket ball in my chest. Maybe that med contributes to adult ADD too. If I hadn't gone to that damn doctor, I wouldn't have known about triglycerides, and none of this other stuff would have happened. See how a bad decision can just snowball on you?