I got a ride this morning from Leslie, who cleverly disguises herself as "lesli" in this blog. And we were talking about pregnancy, of course, and that led to a Sparky chautauqua on the topic of Lucy Pepper and and what a good mother she was and how her kids are doing and the prof and the batas etc etc, at which point Leslie says, "So you've met her." And I realized with a start that I've never met Lucy and probably never will (since she lives in Portugal), yet she's a good friend. I feel like I know her better than most of the people I see every day. What a strange phenomenon the internet is, and what a boon to people like me. "People like me" being those of us who are very guarded in our meatspace communications, yet spill our guts on the internet as if having been dosed with Xtra-Strength IpecacĀ®. "Boon" as in Pat Boone, who has cleverly concealed his true identity by dropping the silent "e".

By the way, I learned by way of an arts calendar that there is a place in the Appalachians that's called the Farting Auditorium. I have to find a way to get there.