It's pushing 90, but compared to the last several days, it almost feels cool. And people are prancing around like it's the first day of Spring. A clump of coincidences: my whining about the heat prompted a friend to remind me about acceptance, which reminded me of the buddhist way of acknowledging and experiencing the discomfort but not suffering from it, and about 10 minutes ago my iTunes shuffle play chose The Beatles' "Rain" and the words "Can you hear me, that when it rains and shines, It's just a state of mind?" jumped out at me because the night before I had downloaded a Public Radio show about "Revolver" and they talked about how John had been immersing himself in Alan Watts when he wrote "Rain". (Yes, I know "Rain" is not on "Revolver", but it was released as a single at the same time and came from the same sessions. Jeez, you guys!) I've never been able to figure out whether coincidences really fall from the sky in clumps like that, or that life is just densely packed with connected stuff and we only occasionally see it. I've always liked the metaphor of Indira's net, which is a huge network of connected strings, and at each juncture is a mirror that reflects the entire rest of the net. Or something like that. So anyway, that's the kind of musing it's pleasant to do on a Saturday morning, like taking a ride in the country after a week of driving to work.