...lovingly rendered by yr bolshevik sketcher S. Donatellski. I swear, too many people have too much money. And they're all the wrong people. If you saw these boats, you'd know what I mean. Big bloated aggressive johnson compensators surrounded by admiring clots of bellies and shorts and little captain hats. All congratulating themselves on their entrepreneurial achievements, while all they did was tumble out of their good-old-boy universities and float down into a superfluous upper-middle-management position created to keep people like them employed. Bah! Humbug!

These days, you can't say Bah without following it with Humbug. If you just say Bah! then people jump to the conclusion that you are suffering from Tourette's Syndrome or are an actor warming up your vocal chords for a performance or a sheep whose cloning went terribly wrong.