This is so laughable it isn't even funny. First of all, you don't go insane. What happens is when you're walking down the street, a black limousine cruises up beside you and keeps up with you as you quicken your pace, and finally a rear window rolls down and a voice from deep inside the lush interior rasps, "32imv 0pkj sdfweo lmloii oop@$# %&I* LNKJ^4 IU kyg347" And you suddenly realize that you have been visited by insanity. And then the window rolls up, the limo jumps off with a shrieking of tires, and rams right into a bus full of schoolchildren. Or so I'm told.

There are those who will tell you that I haven't posted a drawing worth a damn in over a week. They will point out that this post, for instance, is not accompanied by any drawing, good OR bad. They will tell you that this in itself is an incontrovertible sign that I am certifiable. There are others who will tell you that meatloaf is the spawn of the devil. Who are you to believe? If you want incontrovertible, i can get you incontrovertible. Here's something incontrovertible: each of these letters is a tiny drawing. This is not fact, this is fiction. Oops, nope, other way around. The truth of this truth is so true that the County Attorney of Gwinnett County, Georgia, carried it out onto the courthouse lawn and swung a sledgehammer over it again and again until it was gravel.

Finally, if I were insane, could I have the wherewithal to send these letter/drawings-- hundreds of them-- to people who may or may not exist? Don't THINK so.