The day was capped with a celebration of Dan Ballard's continued good health, and he's shown here with a healthy representation of his creative team at Lawler Ballard. Also here, but not shown: a spectacularly ungifted piano player in a velvet jacket, Dan's brand new wife Melinda, an inebriated gent who told Wayne he looked just like a lady friend of his who calls everyone Lovey, and "she's not a bad-looking woman," and a contingent of women who were comparing mushrooms in their yards to male genitalia, and cackling about what a lawn mower does to these poor tender appendages. Males in the vicinity didn't seem to see the humor in these anecdotes. But it was generally agreed that this was a watershed event, and to underline the perception, Nancy Mansfield drove us back downtown in reverse. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I got to see Wayne's wife, the lovely Catherine, again after 10 years or so, and her lovely son Alan. Catherine comments regularly on this blog, usually consisting of futile attempts to correct my eating habits.