It was just sitting there, propped up against a chair. People were trying to ignore it, but everyone was afraid to sit at that table. Things are getting kinda weird at this Starbucks. Oddly, it coincides with changing my med regimen. Which is pretty lucky for me, because the decrease of psychoactive substances probably helps me cope with the strangeness of it all.

I missed naked people again last night. We're in the middle of launching several large websites, and it's hard to break away. Especially hard to tell co-workers that I'm going to go sit in a room and stare at a naked man for two hours. One of them will say, "Well, hell, you can do that here! Gimme a sec--"

At the end of this paragraph is one of those spooky boxes with an arrow in it. It's starting to freak me out a little. Where did it come from? What does it want?