This weekend is some damn boat show on the waterfront. Is there any clearer sign that there's too much money washing around our ankles? There are hundred of thousands of big bulbous white plastic boats cramming our marina, each of which costs as much as a nice house. And they've fenced off the waterfront to keep out the riff-raff, and patrolling it with German shepherds. And just to make sure the wrong kind of people don't come, they're charging admission. They're charging admission to a boat store! And the sweater-tied-around-the-neck folks are lining up around the block to get in. I swear, if you found a Port-a-potty that hadn't been cleaned in a year and charged $10 to get in, you'd be surrounded by BMW's in an hour. Wastefulness isn't a by-product of our culture, it's the whole point! sputter, choke Don't worry, everybody, I'm going to go meditate. I'll be fine soon.