That deer-in-the-headlights look. Our commander owns it. He is the king of that look. And it's understandable. Uncle Dick and Uncle Don have put him in a pickle. Ah, mistakes were made, and he takes ultimate responsibility. Sigh. You know, courage and shame, sincerity and humility have been bred out of the political class. Using the phrase "mistakes were made" is a conscious act of belittlement. Oopsy-daisy, we launched an unwinnable war against an invisible enemy and launched a country into chaos. Our bad. And these guys "take responsibility" like it's simply an accident of the org chart. Hey, I'm at the top so, theoretically, I'm responsible, but don't you believe it for a second. The only phrases that have any meaning whatsoever are It's my fault and I'm sorry. And it has to be exactly those words. Otherwise, it's just obfuscation and prevarication. But when's the last time you heard a politician, or any public figure, utter those words?

On a lighter note, did you know that "prevaricate" literally means "to walk in a crooked manner"? I love the way our highfalutin words come from such earthy beginnings.