No sooner had I paid my respects to Hollywood and settled down with a cuppa joe than old comrades began strolling in. First Sue, then Leslie (you may know her by her cleverly-disguised pseudonym "Lesli"), finally Bill. My first thought, of course, was Surprise Party! but it all turned out to be coincidental. So we sat outside in Norfolk's winter weather and pleasantly shot some bulls for an hour or so. I had begun the day in one of my inertial stupors, lying around the homestead while I pondered creative new ways to lie around, and I decided at the last minute to scavenge some coins from under the bed and crawl off for a cup of coffee. And look how it turned out! There's a lesson in it for me somewhere, but I'll be damned if I know what it is.

(I decided at the last minute that it wouldn't be too smart to put up Bill's actual signature on the internet, as fun as that might be.)

(Oh, also, the other person is neither Sue nor Leslie.)