I'm glad I don't have to wear a name tag. I'm glad I haven't lost any toes. I'm glad my green shirt has only three stains. I'm glad my mouth stays closed when I want it to. I'm glad I haven't experienced an erection for over four hours. I'm glad I have enough Tums. I'm glad the crazy guy didn't talk to me on the bus. I'm glad I have enough paper. I meant for four consecutive hours, not that it's been four hours since. I'm glad I feel nothing sometimes. I'm glad I don't open all my mail. I'm glad I meditated that time. I'm glad that some things are important sometimes. I'm glad that I don't get into fistfights. I'm glad I'm alive. I'm glad I get mail. I'm glad I know metal when I see it. I'm glad that beer is made with hops. I'm glad that things can keep happening. I'm glad for color. I'm glad you read this all the way to the end.