Yes, it's true, I keep my sketches in a barrel.And this is the only one left. It's even done with some kind of blue rolling-writer thing I found on a desk. Haven't been doing much sketching, what with being chased by dogs and whatnot. That said, I'm not finding any inspiration downtown anymore. I mean, how many pictures of smug business boys pouring sugar into their coffee can you draw? If I had a car, I could drive out to Virginia Beach and draw some even more insipid people pouring sugar into their coffee. That would be loads of fun. Okay, I've reached a plateau. Or maybe a slough, whatever that is. Not quite sure, but it has the right sound. Oh, I'm sure something will present itself shortly. In the meantime, though, I have to keep feeding the insistent maw of blogdom. Which means Steve's-foot quality work will have to hold you over.