They say there's no such thing as bad PR, and I'm posting this on that theory, though I remain skeptical. This here is the creation of Dr. Research, who is a multi-faceted individual, and some of the facets are clearly malevolent. Not malevolence on the order of Dr. Doom or Paul Wolfowitz, but enough to disturb the sleep of innocents like me. That he would spend so much of his $500-an-hour time concocting this burlesque leads me to worry about the kind of escalation you hear about in those made-for-tv movies they run on the Lifetime Channel for the purpose of reinforcing the notion that all men are at heart psychotic criminals and if you run into a nice man, be especially ware because he's a suppressed psychotic criminal on the brink of busting out and beating you until you look like Farrah Fawcett in a made-for-tv wife beating movie on the Lifetime Channel. Not that Dr. Research would beat me, but he did try to run me down once in his big fancy Beemer, and I leapt nimbly out of the way, the only time in my life I've leapt or done anything else nimbly, and just in time, too. If you're going to have but one episode of nimbleness in your life, it's best for it to come upon you when a crazed doctor, albeit a doctor of research, is bearing down on you malevolently. But now that my nimbleness token has been used, I don't have much else left in my Pouch of Protectiveness. Cringing & Pleading looks like the best I've got.