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This is a Coke can I drew with the help of Scribbler, a little online toy from zefrank. If you don't know him, the rest of his site's well worth investigating too.So anyway, someone put a can of orange-scented deodorizer in the office bathroom the other day. The result is, you come out thinking, "Huh. Somebody's poop smells a little like oranges." Not sure that's what they were going for.My Dad's poop smelled a little like pot roast, a little like tobacco, and it was kind of a comforting and reassuring smell to us. When you really love someone, your love encompasses all the auxiliary stuff too, like dandruff and hair in unexpected places, and mispronunciations and odd tastes in music. Because it's all emanations of the same person that flow and mix and you can't remove a piece you don't care for, and as soon as you try, love diminishes and starts to become something else entirely. Well, shit, I should have posted this on Valentine's Day. Who knew it would turn into this? I thought I was just gonna be writing about orange-scented deodorizer. That's brains for you.