Here, as promised, are my sketches from the Addy Awards Saturday night. BCF carried off the lion's share of the awards, with an assist from Keith Lanpher. But Grow, a year-old interactive shop, nabbed Best In Show, and deservedly so. It kinda fun to see these young guys celebrate while us old farts sat there muttering about the end of an era. Once again, I was passed up for the Silver Medal by some blindered committee or other, and it was awarded to Cutch Armstrong, who, regardless of how much of a good guy and humanitarian he claimed to be, will always be on my coal-in-the-stocking list for screwing up the email invite I did for the Addys a couple of years ago. but hey, I've moved on! My last evil spell-casting ceremony was weeks ago. A week ago. But still. About dinner: an easy target at this kind of event, I know, but I'm all about easy targets. I was presented with an oblong block of white material humorously labeled as rockfish, but which was obviously a promotional sample from a local paper company. About its digestibility, I'll just say it's still intact, somewhere underneath the streets of Norfolk. And that wraps up my Addys report. You're welcome.