Yesterday afternoon I had a "Do what now?" moment. To recap, "do what now?" is what you say when you can't quite believe what you just heard someone say. If you just didn't hear them, you'd just say "what?" But when you hear them very clearly, and what they say doesn't compute at all, the appropriate thing to say is, "do what now?" When I got on the bus after work last night and sat down, the bus driver called me back up front. When I got up there, he said, "You didn't make any noise." That was my "do what now?" moment. I don't recall if I actually said it, but boy I was thinking it. He continued, "You opened your mouth like you were saying "hi", but didn't no sound come out." All I could manage was "huh." And I went back and sat down. I swear this happened. I couldn't have made it up. If I had made something up, it would have tried to be funnier, or more pointed. The fact that it's neither of these things lends it credence, I hope. Because it really happened. And that's all I have to say about this drawing of a wrecked car.