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It was one of those nights that boggle the mind. I felt as if some magic spell had suddenly reached its expiration date and I found myself totally lacking the ability to draw. I know this happens from time to time, and it always passes, but while you're in its throes, it ain't pretty. I felt like a junior high art student whose teacher doesn't have the guts to suggest that I switch to wood shop. On top of that, Mr. Mintle, who was having a similar night, moved next to me, establishing a corner of gloom from which emanated periodic curses and lamentations. It's a mysterious phenomenon, and a frustrating one. Sometimes I can climb out of the hole by pretending I'm creating monstrosities on purpose (see above), but last night it was not to be. I just had to unplug and trudge home. I'm good at trudging. I've had people compliment me on my trudging. That, I can do.