I'll go just about anywhere for free food, as long as I don't have to accept the Baby Jesus as my Personal Savior to get it, so I showed up last night at the Taste of Hampton Roads, for which I had a fistful of free tickets.(I should confess now that this entry has absolutely nothing to do with the above drawing, but I was taking a night off from sketching, and therefore have no free-food pix to display.) The theme, for reasons not clear to me, was cowboys, which is one notch above pirates in my book, "Howdy" being marginally easier to tolerate than "Arrrgh!" But one thing became crystal clear as the evening wore on: if you want to give the impression that your IQ is 50 points lower than it really is, put on a cowboy hat. Nothing says "dumbass" like a cowboy hat, especially when worn by a pinkish portly gentleman with thick glasses. I realize that it's unkind of me to wield a poison pen at a charitable event, but the blog must be fed. The blog is a demanding and insatiable mistress. I am the slave of the blog.