UNFORMED THOUGHT #1,933,761,084


Here's a anecdote from last night. Sue and Jack and I are returning to Porchmuth on the ferry, and we see that lighthouse lens thing mounted at the seawall, which Jack explains is a fresnel lens, etc. Sue and I simultaneously comment. Sue: wouldn't that make a lovely piece of jewelry? Me: wouldn't it be cool if you could make it into a death ray? And I thought, here's a moment that defines the difference between men and women. Women naturally think about shopping and jewelry and trivialities like that, whereas men dream the big dreams, they "think outside the box", like about death rays and stuff. Which I think explains why women get paid less for doing the same job: men bring more to the table. When an affordable death ray is finally brought to the market (and isn't it about time?), you know it will be men who are responsible.