I know, it's not fair. Some people age gracefully, some don't. I'd like to think it was due to some kind of karmic mechanism, that people with ugly, pinched hearts gradually manifested that condition in their outward appearance, but I know it doesn't work that way. So much is governed by chance, or what appears as chance to us, because we know so little. Beyond our conscious control is a better way to put it. At any rate, there's no justice. There just isn't. And because we desire justice, we crave it, we demand it, we suffer when we don't get it. And we cause others to suffer.Yes, there's cause and effect, but it's not the same as justice, much as we would like it to be. If only because cause-and-effect is a separate process from intention. We don't mean to do most of the awful things we do, but we do them anyway because we're human, and then we pay. Or not. Sigh. It's such a nice day out, I should just shut up and go sit outside for a while. Bye.