Not to imply that all my other entries are significant, just acknowledging that I lazily applied a couple of Photoshop filters to a photo that had a few interesting elements but was otherwise unremarkable in order to give it a veneer of originality so I could post it on a day when a scanner was not available and therefore I couldn't whip off a sketch or two and post them but knowing that going a day without posting will cause me an itchy sensation of incompleteness throughout the day and distract me from my brilliant plan to turn my apartment into an Easter wonderland this weekend, replete with plastic grass, peeps, cutouts of cute baby animals 'n flowers, charmingly setting off a representation of a man nailed by his hands and feet to a cross, dying in agony, and isn't it funny, the older I get, the more loony we all seem--the life lesson I'm having trouble with is the notion that in order to fully immerse myself in the river of life, from which I have heretofore held myself fastidiously aloof, or, more accurately, pretended to do so, I must accept this condition and learn to love it, to, as the Baghdad vets say, embrace the suck.

It's entirely possible that the above sentence should have ended with a question mark. It's also possible that if I diagrammed it like we learned in grade school, it would turn out not to be a sentence at all, but only a sentence fragment, long as it is, because where's the predicate, huh?

And, now, see? I have once again fashioned a blog entry out of literally nothing, and can head for Fairgrounds Coffee with my head held high. Meaning I'll probably stumble on a tree root.