I love polenta. I love fresh coffee. I love music that makes my heart beat faster. I love women. I love Apple products. I love laughing till my face gets hot. I love fresh-squeezed orange juice. Also processed orange juice. I love cats who are nice to you even when they don't want something. I love traveling over hilly country with all the time in the world and not 100% sure where I'm going. I used to love a good BMW; now I love a good BM. I love mail. I love it when a pain goes away. I love discovering a new artist. I love a clean shirt. I love a fat new unopened book. I love the sound of my fingers drumming on a wooden desk. I love music or movies or writing that make me start blinking real fast to keep anything from coming out. I love a spankin new roll of toilet paper. Actually, I love a new package of any kind of paper. I love being recognized on the street from my blog. Couple of days ago was Sparky's first anniversary. I was compelled to post almost 700 pictures, compelled by you guys. Thanks!