chinatown 1c.jpg

So when Laurelines showed up Saturday, we all went to Chinatown to sketch. While Laura chased little old Chinese ladies around the block, Amanda and I went scouting, and came across this amazing little store that sold paper replicas of all kinds of merchandise. Paper sneakers, paper boomboxes, paper cell phones, paper suits & ties, paper canned goods, even a paper air conditioner! We rushed back to get Laura so she, as the grownup, could verify that we weren't just imagining this place. Being from North Carolina, Laura chirped to the shopkeeper, "These are so charming! Are they for parties?" He looked at her and said, "No. Funeral." Being from Virginia, I chimed in, "Wull, can we buy them anyway?" Amanda shook her head and pulled me away. "Forget it, Walt," she said, "it's Chinatown."