Amanda tells me those are condos over there. Like I believe her. The interesting thing about this scene, which you can't see, is that someone has created a little park on the edge of the canal (I'm sitting on one of its benches) (not literally this moment, I mean, I'm sitting at Sue's house right now listening to her infernal wind chimes--they're so loud and insistent, they've set up a drumbeat in my head that I can't ignore, I can't, I can't--okay, where was I? Oh yeah, I meant to say I was sitting on that bench on Saturday. Okay, let's continue, shall we?) with nothing to be seen except this pile of old factories, the elevated train tracks, and a huge scrap heap with monster-like cranes tossing giant prickly mouthfuls of scrap at each other (see Amanda's sketch if you don't believe me.) So I guess the park-builder's hope was that people would wander down here and spend an hour or so contemplating how man* has made a huge mess of the planet, and if so, I commend him or her.

*and you gals too, with your tupperware parties and whatnot