chinatown 2.jpg

That's Amanda on the right, sketching her little heart out. The more sharp-eyed among you will notice the Dancing Crabs tableau, recently vacated by shy shopkeeper. I could have spent weeks sketching in Chinatown. Except I really couldn't. I would have been driven mad by the little women sidling up to me chanting, "DVD, DVD, DVD, DVD...." A few blocks down Canal Street from this quaint little scene is Pearl Paint, 5 ramshackle floors of crack for the artist. On the watercolor floor, a man who looked and talked just like Milton in "Office Space" advised me that Schmincke is the brand to buy and Winsor & Newton is crap. So being from Virginia, I dutifully bought some Schminckes with a month's salary. Later we ate a Thai restaurant, joined by Amanda's husband Jimmy, who generally sees to it that Amanda has the influence of an adult human in her life. Laura started hitting the Thai beer, and got stinking drunk and insisted in singing "We are Siamese if you please" from The King and I at the top of her lungs. A good time was had by all.