Some kind of lady business going on in the next booth. And I mean ladies, not women, so you can't call me sexist. Ladies are a subculture totally apart from biology. Ladies wear flowery dresses and powder their faces, which are usually settled into expressions of mild vexation, and more often than can be adequately explained will have hair like poodles.And they complain a lot. If three or more are gathered at a restaurant, at least one of them will fuss about her food. "These are sea scallops, not bay scallops!" Oh, that reminds me, we had some friends in New Jersey, a gentleman and a lady, but she was a nice lady, kind of scatterbrained, and we met her coming out of a restaurant, and she had a scallop on her bosom. A whole scallop! And I got to say, "Charlotte, you've got a scallop on your bosom." I doubt if I'll ever get an opportunity to say that again. Life is full of small gifts.