pratt models.jpg every year the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn has this Draw-a-thon, where they fill one of their buildings with naked people and pizzas and cokes and let them do stuff all night long. Well, actually, they kind of do that every weekend, but once a year they have a theme. Figure Drawing. Each room is devoted to length of time: there's a 1-minute pose room, 20-minute pose room, 3-hour pose room, you get the picture. And through the night the models circulate around the rooms. I'm told the event draws the city's top figure models--it's a real showcase for them--and one of them, of course, is Aviva (see below). Imagine drawing the Big Island of Hawaii, only it's made of butterscotch pudding. That's Aviva. What's special about her is not just that she's huge, it's that she carries herself with grace and makes you feel that she looks exactly the way she's supposed to look. The only downside to the event was that it was incredibly crowded. There were at least 50,000 drawers in the 1-minute room alone. I had brought my laptop and tablet, but the one picture of Aviva I posted is all I could handle. Sitting on the floor with your legs loaded with computer equipment is a good way to lose all feeling below the waist, if that were ever a goal of yours, and I had to leave the room by grabbing people's legs and dragging myself across the floor. Amanda was smart and brought a folding stool thing that expanded into a chaise longue with umbrella and cupholders. Long story short, (I hate that phrase. That's why I put it in, of course) Amanda and Lydia and I left kinda early, but it was still a pretty amazing experience.What was interesting was that the level of the student work was just about the same as that of the students in my local group. The only difference I could see was that everyone wore black. There's no color allowed in art school clothing in New York. I, in my Norfolk attire, must have looked like a stray piece of confetti stuck on a little black cocktail dress.