At lunch time on the bank plaza, a rhinocerous appeared. After an initial scare, it became clear that it was a human in a rhino costume. The human was soliciting money. He or she probably thought that he or she was providing entertainment to the lunchtime crowd and therefore should be rewarded in some way. The lunchtime crowd was pretending they didn't see the rhino. Some of them went out of their way to avoid passing the rhino. Not because they were afraid of being attacked, but so they would not have to give the rhino money. We can assume that they thought that seeing a person in a rhino costume at lunch time was not worth paying money for. Every so often a woman holding flyers would come and speak to the rhino through its nostril. That was the most entertaining part. Eventually the rhino shuffled away. It looked very dejected. But that was probably because the person inside had trouble holding the rhino's head up. If I felt like it, I could run and catch the rhino and tell him or her that it wasn't time wasted, because I now had a blog entry. That might have made the rhino happy. But I didn't feel like it.