Okay, it's not night, and one of them isn't a ship. You people have to stop being so nitpickingly literal. This is called Artistic License, which means I can say and do anything I want, no matter how intellectually sloppy, because I'm a Artist, dammit! Yes, yes, I know it's a photo, and everybody knows that photography's not really Art, but somewhere in the fine print of the License that's covered. And okay, I don't really believe that bit about photography not being art, I just say that because I know Dr. Research and Keith Lanpher and Glen McClure and Paul Schnabel and Joel Becker and Bob Ander, local shutterbugs all, and I know that as photographers they all have this chip on their shoulder because of their inferior position in the art world, so I like to give them the verbal equivalent of a wet willie*, just because.

*For you Canadians/Canadiens and other naifs, a wet willie is when you lick your finger and stick it in someone's ear. It's highly annoying, so you should avoid applying it to people in extreme, engorged states of physical fitness, which is why I pick on photographers.