These Christians, man, I tell you they're plucking on my last nerve like it's God's own Jew's Harp. This is why I don't talk to God. What if I said, "What dost thou want me to do with my life, O Lord?" And he answered, "Take up juggling." How could I respect Him after that? I'd be all, "Do what now?" I mean, what do you say to something like that? "Tell me, O Lord, what manner of object wouldst thou have me throw into the air, and knoweth not whence it returneth? Brightly colored balls?" Hey, well, I guess this guy was relieved at his plum posting, huh? He could've been called to minister to starving children in Africa, or, God forbid, to the homeless right under his nose. I guess God decided that He's given enough help to the starving kids blah blah, how about a little Vegas action?

I haven't even touched on why this idiot's advertising his juggling skills with a picture of himself with his hand up a stuffed duck's butt. Maybe he's going for the sympathy vote.