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When I was little, I would spend hours reading our copy of Hammond's Nature Atlas, and looking at the pictures. Most of them have been imprinted on my brain like a tire rolling over dog poop, and serve as odd reference points when I'm conjuring mental images of stuff. Like when I was thinking about how I would describe how I'm feeling right now, a combination of sleepiness and enervation, up popped a Nature Atlas image of some kind of mineral that was illustrated as a cloudy white lump with shiny metal wires sticking out of it. I thought it might be feldspar, but nothing I googled looks remotely like this picture. In fact, it sounds kind of preposterous now, but I swear that was what it looked like. I also vividly remember the illustration of Queen Anne's Lace, probably because I found some growing in our backyard, and it looked just like the illustration. And when I think about the Queen Anne's Lace in our backyard, I'm reminded of the grape arbor in our side yard that held morning glories as well as grapes, and my little sister ate too many of the grapes once and had to have her stomach pumped.Are you terribly bored now, but with an undertone of sparking irritation? That's it, that's the feeling I've been trying to describe! And I recreated it in you! Now that's writing!