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Saturday it snowed. I guess it's a sign of the times that whenever something unusual occurs in our weather patterns, I think: global warming? I'll bet that if such things as worldwide anxiety levels could be measured, ours has crept up a notch or two. Of course, it could also be due to the rumors that Brad and Angelina are going through a rough patch. Especially in light of the fact that Jennifer continues to suffer so. I mean, Brangelina can adopt African babies till the cows come home to roost, but if their relationship is on the rocks, then you have to ask yourself, was it worth destroying the relationship with Jennifer? That's the kind of thing that keeps me up nights. It's hard to get too exercised over the fact that global warming is going to hit the poorest countries the hardest, because God has blessed us with prosperity. And, ipso facto, poor countries have not won God's favor the way we have. If "God Bless America" means anything, it's that, isn't it? If these poor countries exhibited a little pluck and ingenuity and gumption and entrepreneurial skills, then they wouldn't be poor any more, would they? And God wouldn't have to punish them with tsumanis and global warming and stuff. But I just can't worry about those people. And I shouldn't have to. That's what the pursuit of happiness is all about, not having to worry about all those poor people in evil countries. It's right there in the Constitution or whatnot; you could look it up.