Years ago we used to make a trek into the vast wasteland that is mid-Virginia Beach to eat at Azar's, which at the time was located at the end of a dead-end street in a patch of weeds next to the railroad tracks. But it was worth it: Chicken Tawook, Kefta Kebab, 350 varieties of hummus, and their crowning glory, the Masterpiece sandwich. In the intervening years, and I mean intervening, Azar's kind of fell off my radar, partially because I was in Cincinnati subsisting on Skyline Chili. Well, I just realized last week, because I'm not too bright, that Azar's is now just a two-block walk from Torta Industries World Headquarters! Every bit as good as before, and it also has the same fascinating Middle Eastern grocery store attached, where you can buy that hummus and many other things like whole grains, date-scented anti-perspirant, and soap made from the rendered fat of infidels. Okay, okay, embellishing the truth there a little bit. But that, my friends, is what the blogosfear is all about.