I would like to get a grant to study the effects of squandering grant money. I think I could bring some genuine insight to this topic. Isn't "squander" a great word? I've done more than my share of squandering over the years. I wonder if it's partly because I like that word so much. I wonder if there's a theoretical basis to this line of inquiry. Because I just realized I never liked the word "mature". It reminds me of girdles somehow. So maybe that's why I'm, after all these years, still immature. Although I do, as of last Friday, have a library card. My first withdrawal: the latest Elmore Leonard novel, DVDs of "Lost In Translation" and "Galaxy Quest", and a CD of Doc Watson and his family. "Galaxy Quest" is so underrated. Tony Shalhoub is so good in it. Sam Rockwell too. Alan Rickman too. Even Tim Allen. And I just noticed that the geek kid is the guy who plays a Mac in the Mac/PC commercials. Am I rambling? Had meetings all day. That makes me ramble. I guess you could call me a Ramblin Man. But not a Ramblin, Gamblin Man, because I don't gamble. To end the ramble with another sudden left turn into the ditch, I just read in an old New Yorker (I'm always months behind) a nice turn of phrase: somebody, referring to the possibility that the family that owns the Wall Street Journal will accept Rupert Murdoch's buyout offer, said of the family, "they don't have fuck-you money any more."