Was a ship going into drydock or coming out, couldn't tell (nothing was moving). A quick sketch, but long enough that my dish of Ben & Jerry's melted into a sticky soup. Hope you guys appreciate my dedication to my craft n shit. Well, okay, this weather turns solids to liquids in about 90 seconds, but still. I could have stayed inside and not had anything new to post. And you would have dropped by and said to yourselfs, that lazy bastard, there's nothing new here, let's go, Martha. Most of you have a companion named Martha, don't you? Anyway, or anyways, as my buddy Steve says, that's the responsibility I feel to blogdom. It's a horrible waking nightmare, I tell you. On top of everything else, I just this minute got a paper cut on one of the inner creases of my little finger, which will hurt every time I flex it, but if I went around holding my little finger rigid, I'd look effete and Jesus I can't afford that.