Ocean View was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed it, except for the part where I almost got runned over by some joyriding punk kids, who yelled stuff like "where's your walker, grandpa?" and gave me the finger. And also threw eggs at me. Most of this is conjecture, since I don't remember it, but it's pretty solid, based as it is on prior experience. I actually did get drive-by egged once when I was a college student, and I remember being puzzled more than anything because it seemed like such a strange thing to do, and by what criteria was I chosen? What was it about me that made someone think this person deserves to have an egg thrown at him ? And how was life going to be different for me now that I had been inducted into the fraternity of thrown-egg recipients? Should I feel singled out, as if I had been chosen for a special mission during my lifetime, as if an angel had thrown the egg? Or was I marked as a pariah, someone who unwitting revolted people and made them want to violate my person? Those are the kinds of paths my mind took back when I was a student. And nothing has changed, really. I'm still sent into paroxysms of tortured conjecture by people relating to me in inexplicable ways. Well, it's one way to pass the time, innit?