It's like my whole life has shrunk to the exact size and shape of this house. I don't mean I'm confined to the house right now, I mean everything that ever happened to me is in here now. I put my thumb on the kitchen light switch, the one with the smudges and the missing screw on the faceplate, and the whole story of it is right there. Not the memories of the story, the actual events, you know what I mean? I'm 17 and I'm taking that screw to put up a Star Trek clock in my room. And no one in the house sees any need to replace it. And they still don't. I probably sound crazy. I am dizzy, and its hard to tell that from crazy right now. Its like my brain has a screw missing from it's faceplate and it shifts around. It started yesterday. I had to go into that room to get the good suitcase and it kind of put me in a different place. But things are
oops their here. Got to run.