Local readers: Today and tomorrow from 4 to 7 pm at the Naro, you can add your signature to an effort to stop the demolition of the Cotton Exchange warehouse on Front Street. If you read my Pilot Sketchbook piece on it, and I'm sure you did, you know how valuable a piece of history this is. And not just history, dammit! This is a really cool building, the kind Norfolk has a dire shortage of. Do we really need prefab condo modules more than this? The Cotton Exchange is exactly the kind of structure that sets us apart from Disneyland North over Pembroke way. So please, if you're a registered voter and you agree with me, and how could you not?, take a few minutes and drop by the Naro. I have no idea what the chances of success are, but it's worth it to put yourself on the right side of the argument, right?

As for the photo, a few of us innocenti decided to form an ad agency, kind of the way kids would on a day when they were bored. This would be back in the late 70's, if you couldn't guess from the outfits. One of us is now a successful video producer in California, and owns a ranch; one, a former TCC instructor, now runs the print shop for the city of Va Beach; one was a pretty talented writer, although he's inexplicably holding a camera in the photo, and I've lost track of his whereabouts; one is now with the Norfolk Preservation Alliance, which provides the tie-in for you astute readers; and one looks strangely like Hank from Larry Sanders wearing a curly wig.