This probably comes as a stinging blow to those of you who have been entertaining erotic fantasies about Bernice over the last several months. If it doesn't, then you'd better drop whatever you're doing and get yourself over to the nearest trained therapist, not that it will do any good, but at least it will be their problem then. This will also no doubt be an even bigger blow to those of you who navigated here by way of a search on the phrase "enlarge your penis", and my stats tell me there are at least 5 of you out there. I'm guessing that arriving here did not have the effect you were seeking. Your five penises probably high-tailed it into your body cavity, where they are now curled in the fetal position somewhere in the vicinity of your gall bladders, never to see daylight again. Which is fine by me, since I have no desire to be the landing page for under-endowed doink boys.