I could tell you that this is a spitting image of the model, that his head really was shaped like this, and you wouldn't be able to dispute me. Unless you were one of the other sketchers, in which case shut the fuck up. I don't go around challenging your verisimilitude, so keep your nose out of mine. The man's head looked exactly like this, I swear. And we're really only judging with our eyes anyway, and they vary from person to person. Maybe my retina is elongated, or maybe my vitreous humor is more humorous than yours. It's all relative is what I'm saying. And maybe Marco or whatever his name is, I forget, maybe Marco got his head caught in a door, maybe he was having a fight with his wife about the lasagna and he stuck his head in the doorway to give her a little make-up kiss just as she slammed it, and now his head really does look like that, and so now I was right all along. I was prescient. You see what I'm saying? We make up this shit as we go along, and pretend it's writ in stone or whatnot. But it's not. Is what I'm saying.