Sometimes I'll look at something and suddenly realize that it means more than it does. Know what I mean? Every so often reality will shift, like a prism, and everything will seem perfect and resonant and radiant with meaning, a kind of meaning I can't verbalize and wouldn't want to, anyway. I used to associate this kind of revelation with the ingestion of a snootful of certain under-the-counter products, but nowadays it seems to have natural causes. And they say there's no upside to the onset of Alzheimer's. Does anyone die of 'natural causes' any more? It seemed so civilized, compared to the unpleasant descriptions they use these days. As if anything but eternal life were unnatural. Hey, I just remembered a joke by Mitch Hedberg that I recounted here before, but it makes me laugh every time I hear it. He says: 'I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too." That's my favorite kind of humor, the kind that gives you the same feeling you get when you stumble on a crack in the sidewalk but catch yourself in time. Confused, but exhilarated. You probably think that I'm rambling unnaturally. See now, that is the drugs.