There is no knowledge more valuable, more precious, than individually created knowledge, lovingly fashioned from odd bits and pieces of once-factual data. Such knowledge has a price beyond compare or something. In particular, useless knowledge has a special value, since it cannot be usurped by unscrupulous industrialists and retooled into instruments of havoc and terror, such as constantly happens with useful knowledge. Just look at the Moebius Strip, and what Paul Wolfowitz did with it in the name of Peace and Harmony. The Gulf of Mexico will never be restored to its former state. It's said that the floor of the Gulf, once a teeming habitat of disgusting little shrimpy things, is now a barren wasteland. And who has hundreds of dollars of Red Lobster stock options in his hedge fund? Need I tell you? And what the fuck are hedge funds anyway? No, don't tell me, I'm very grateful that I don't know crap like that. What people don't realize is that there's a kind of ecstasy in being a loser.