I bet you were wondering where I been for the last 3 weeks. Ishtaca County Jail, thats what. I won't go into the boring details I won't even tell you I wasn't gilty, because everybody whose in there says their not gilty, so you wouldnt believe me even though its true, I swear it. I just came back because I wanted to tell you what jail is like because nobody whose never been in jail has any idea what its like. I mean on one level of thinking its just a cement building that you sit in and then get out, big deal. But the minute the door shuts you know your in a world that you know your not a human being anymore and its like your skin has gone all numb and inside of you even your organs are not worthy their dirty or something. And everything is hard and concrete and painted dull colors so there is just nothing to look at. Just one tv on a metal bracket up high thats tuned to the worst station in the universe and cant be changed and it gets to be worse then no sound at all but there's just nothing else to look at. At all. Don't worry its not like a real prison or like on the shows, they dont make you peoples bitches or stuff, your not there long enough to get that twisted. Its just a bunch of sad loser men whoare so bored with each other that they dont even pay attention to what their talking about. And when you come out you feel like your about 3 inches shorter and some of your feelings have died or something. I cant explain it exactly but I think its good for you to know that some people go through things you don't know about. And what its like.