So you can get a better idea of what kind of people aer really in there, instead of monsters or whatever. This is Dale. I drew a picture of him because you people who are all ready reading this are used to drawings. So maybe you won't go away to fast. This is Dale. Dale is incarserated because of he stole a car but it wasnt like that. Last year he bought his girlfriend a Cuda with his own money and he fixed it up, like he patched in a floorboard because there were rusted out holes and the exaust from the rusted out tail pipe would come in and make her sleepy. And he fixed that on his own time. Also, he painted it. She didn't like it it because it was house paint but it counts because he didn't have to do it. So anyways last month. at Christmas Time!!!! Dale found out that his girl friend was shaking up with a guy on unemployment and they wouldnt even let him in the door no matter how hard he banged on the screen. They told the judge he broke the screen door but they lied, it was broke already. Anyways, he says fuck it and takes the car back which in a just world would have been the right thing to do.Or OK to do. And sure enough they took out a warrant on him and he ended up here. Plus he got fired from the crayon co. (yes he worked for a crayon co., but just stacking palets) but he says he was going to quit anyway be cause his boss was a ass hat. So that was Dale.