Well I'm really bummed out today. Not because Judge Joe Brown was a rerun, although that didnt help. Its because I decided for the New Year I was going to shake things up and get a tatoo not just to bug the squares but also the ladies seem to like them now. The Axe sure didnt do the trick. So anyways I had a design I drew back when I was in high school but my mom would'nt let me get one because she thought I coudlnt get in to the Coast Gard like Uncle Phil if I had a tatoo. Well she was wrong about that too. Plus I had to keep the secret about her and Uncle Phil. Anyways, I been carrying my drawing in my wallet all these years and than I said its time, New Years 2008, and I found Ink Redibull out on Boundary Road and I had to walk the last mile past the bus stop because the 84 Cutlass Supreme I bought just a month ago got a crack in teh engine block and to add injury to injury I got a ticket for the puddle of oil in the Tacko Bell drive through. Okay so anyways I give the tatoo guy the drawing from my wallet its the Slayer logo because Reign In Blood was the bomb back when things was better. So the guy does the tatoo on my arm and it stung like a bitch but I handle'd it alright except when he stuck the needle right in a fuckin mole and I made a noise. He told eveybody it was a squeal but it wasnt. Just a high pitch grunt kind of. Well to get to the point when i took of the bandage tonight the letters looked blured. The S looked like a D and the Y kind of closed up into a P. So it looks just like it says "DIAPER". Instead of "SLAYER". What kind of chicks are going to go for a guy with a tatoo that says "DIAPER"? So there you go. Thats the whole ball of wacks.