This counts as the most famous jailbird I ever met. His name is Leebaby, all one word. He was in the band The Damnation of Adam Blessing in the 1970's. He was the base player and also he says he invented crystal meth which he calls crank. I drew him when he got back in his street clothes because he was getting out. Thats how I saw his giutar tatoo which says Rock or Die on it. Leebaby was just in for a few days because of vagrincy, he was sleeping in his car. Well it want his car I guess, it was just a car. A car at the junkyard. Well part of a car. Leebaby says its not easy being a gifted musician you have to make lots of sacrafices for you're art. He promised to get me free tickets to his next gigg. He thinks they could be elected to ther Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio, which the band is from. I'm glad I got to know him. Now hes the most famous person I met. It used to be this guy in Norfolk Virginia when I was in the Navy named Gene Walters who was on TV a lot and looked like an old baby with a red face. And I won $30 in groceries which is the last thing I won.